The Divine Comedy through images. Valdonega Edizioni. Photographic book on Dante’s Divine Comedy

Divine Comedy through images. 

Photographic book on Dante's masterpiece.

In the sincere commitment to try and bring pulsating visual emotions to the reader, the author offers a series of images that were originally taken from real shoots and are mixed with classical statues and their details and landscapes, skies and natural backgrounds that have been changed through the use of creative interventions on the colour and light with a clear interpretative motive.

The volume reproposes groups of tercets of Cantos that have been selected with the awareness that there is no possibility of extrapolation beyond the complex meaning of the work, and to confirm the supremacy of the written word on the “illustrations” with absolute reverence.

Edizione Valdonega, Verona. December 2012
86 pages
39 illustrations
Hardcover - 18 x 21 cm
Contributors: G. Fontana, G. Nuvoli, P. Riccardi.


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